Here we take a look at the ABBREE AR-F8 handheld transceiver. Does this really do 20 Watts? I think we know that answer already..! Antenna SUPER VERTICAL 8 ULTRA HF 4-6-10-11*-12-15-17-20-30-4 July 18, 2020 No comments      Vertical-Array is proud to present the vertical... Read more

Pacificon – SteppIR Antenna

SteppIR Antenna This is another video from Pacificon 2022. I will interviewing another vender. John Mertel, WA7IR, for SteppIR. Watch to learn more. Antenna 144 MHz Halo Antenna December 23, 2015 No comments Construction and Analysis of a Low Cost Omnidirectional Horizontally Polarized Antenna for... Read more

What secrets is it hiding? FX-4C

HF SDR Transceiver 10W Amateur Radio AM FM CW SSB FX-4C Antenna W6NBC Wins December QST Cover Plaque Award December 17, 2019 No comments The winning article for the December 2019 QST Cover Plaque award is “Slot Cube Antenna for 6 Meters” by John Portune, W6NBC. The QST Cover... Read more

What’s a CTR2-Mini?

In the beginning was CTR The Mini and Mini+ are the third generation of radio controllers that I’ve designed and built. CTR stands for Control The Radio. The Mini traces it’s linage back to the original CTR Windows Pocket PC program I wrote back in 2001. I designed a companion... Read more

The IC-905 Debut! Ham Expo Walkthrough

The IC-905 Debut! Ham Expo Walkthrough Aim higher and enter the world of SHF. The IC-905 is an industry-first all-mode transceiver with 144/440/1200/2400/5600 MHz coverage. Add 10 GHz with the optional CX-10G transverter. Output Power: 10W on 144 / 430 / 1200 MHz; 2W on 2400... Read more

The 2023 ARRL Calendar

Keep track of your important dates, ARRL contests, and holidays with a 2023 ARRL Calendar. This year’s calendar features Collegiate Amateur Radio Clubs. It showcases a selection of active amateur radio programs at academic institutions throughout the US. 2023 ARRL Calendar | Collegiate Amateur Radio Clubs Showcasing... Read more

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